Wine & Cocktails | February 1, 2021

Our Not-So-Secret Ingredient: The Shrub

One of our not-so-secret ingredients here at Root and Flower is the humble shrub. In essence, a shrub is a drinking vinegar: a simple combination of fruit, sugar, and vinegar. Simple as they might seem, however, shrubs add a bright complexity to cocktails. This complexity of flavor, while keeping the cocktail itself simple, is why…

Wine & Cocktails | July 15, 2020

A Peek At Root & Flower’s Newest Art Installation

Reopening has been a busy time at Root & Flower. Our staff has been working tirelessly with public health orders so we can allow guests inside our new Bridge Street dining room, and we introduced brunch as our newest offering. There’s been another new development at Root & Flower over the last few months, too—a…

Wine & Cocktails | April 6, 2020

Book a Virtual Wine Tasting With Root & Flower

What a whirlwind it’s been; when we announced in late February that we were finally opening our new location on Bridge Street, we couldn’t have imagined shuttering (temporarily!) a few weeks later due to the current COVID-19 outbreak and statewide order to close nonessential businesses. That being said, we’re making the best of the situation,…