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Our Current Obsessions: 2020 Edition

Kirsten Dobroth
January 2, 2020
Heading into the new decade, there’s no better time to shake up some old habits with new ones, especially when it comes to food and wine. That is, introducing your palate to more tastes and flavors as part of your New Year’s resolution. Hence a list of some of our current obsessions—all the things we’re currently eating and drinking that we just can’t get enough, courtesy of a handful of the staff at Two Arrows and Root & Flower. Cheers to that.

Sam Biszantz | Co-Owner of Two Arrows and Root & Flower

“I’m currently obsessed with Rappahannock oysters from Virginia because its an East Coast oyster, but with low salinity. They are so smooth and delicious and good with all kinds of wine from Champagne to Chardonnay! We had them for a little while at the old Root & Flower, and that’s where I tried my first one—I’ve had them on the brain since then and its one of the things I’m most excited about bringing to the new Root & Flower!”

Lindsea Stowe | Co-Owner of Two Arrows

“Ironically enough, I am currently obsessed with instant coffee. Some of the top third wave roasters have figured out how to turn their ethically sourced and perfectly roasted coffee into instant coffee packets. I was a cynic at first, but after an attempt to lighten the load on a backpack trip I was hooked!  You can throw these tiny packets in your pocket and you’ll never be forced into a bad cup again.”

Jeremy Campbell | Co-Owner of Root & Flower

“I currently have many obsessions, but for the sake of this, let’s narrow it down to two; my a.m. obsession; Hojicha! It’s roasted Japanese green tea—earthy, sweet, a bit smokey, and so good. My p.m. obsession: Calvados—it’s the essence of fresh fruit with the complexity of a barrel aged sprit. When in doubt go with small farmer and producers (anything from Charles Neal Selections is a good bet) … I tend to drink it with a beer—an odd combo? Maybe. But I find they accompany each other well, it’s like my own delicious boilermaker.”

Rachael Liggett-Draper | Root & Flower Sommelier

“I get excited about a lot of things, but this week’s obsession is everything bubbles—not just Champagne, but the whole world of eclectic, delicious, sparkling wine! From amazing grower-producers in France to small families bottling Gamay in the méthode ancestrale, I can’t get enough of the fizzy stuff. I’ve always appreciated bubbles but the obsession is picking up steam as we move through the holidays. Maybe I’ll take a break after a New Years binge. Maybe.”

Sheena Jeffers | Barista & Bartender at Two Arrows

“If I’m looking for a quick caffeine buzz, I can’t go wrong with a shot of espresso! A quick, feel-good and delicious uplift, served with a glass of bubbly water! Color Roasters worked hard to zero in on a delicious espresso blend made just for Two Arrows; naturally-processed Ethiopian beans blended with washed-processed Guatemalan coffee leaves you starting your day with fruity and sweet flavors. You’ll pick up notes of dark chocolate chunks and blueberries. And for my p.m. favorite: A hearty pour of Murgo, please! 100% Nerello Mascalese from 30-plus-year-old vines out of volcanic soil with a floral taste, this glass of wine warms me up and reminds me of 70-degree travels on beaches surrounded by blooming flowers.”