February 29, 2020

The New Root & Flower Is Now Open on Bridge Street

The wait is over—we’re excited to announce that Root & Flower’s Bridge Street location is officially open for business. For those who haven’t heard about our leap to Bridge Street: the new site will offer nearly three times the square footage, plus a full-size kitchen and a separate dining room available for tasting classes and…

Wine & Cocktails | February 5, 2020

Enter the Root & Flower Cocktail Lab

There’s currently a feverish mix of construction going on at our new space in Bridge Street, and while we’re not open yet(!), our behind-the-bar team has been busy too. We recently gathered at the soon-to-be Root & Flower 2.0 to dream up the newest rendition of the cocktail list—an ongoing, imaginative process that we call…

Travel | January 15, 2020

Why Peru Should Top Your Offseason Travel Bucket List

A quick Google search of Peru reveals thousands of images of Machu Picchu—the iconic 15th century Incan citadel built amongst wispy clouds and emerald-colored peaks. But did you know that two of the world’s best restaurants are also in the country’s capital? Add to that: the exchange rate is American friendly (1 Peruvian Nuevo sol…