Wine & Cocktails | February 5, 2020

Enter the Root & Flower Cocktail Lab

There’s currently a feverish mix of construction going on at our new space in Bridge Street, and while we’re not open yet(!), our behind-the-bar team has been busy too. We recently gathered at the soon-to-be Root & Flower 2.0 to dream up the newest rendition of the cocktail list—an ongoing, imaginative process that we call…

Travel | January 15, 2020

Why Peru Should Top Your Offseason Travel Bucket List

A quick Google search of Peru reveals thousands of images of Machu Picchu—the iconic 15th century Incan citadel built amongst wispy clouds and emerald-colored peaks. But did you know that two of the world’s best restaurants are also in the country’s capital? Add to that: the exchange rate is American friendly (1 Peruvian Nuevo sol…

January 2, 2020

Our Current Obsessions: 2020 Edition

Heading into the new decade, there’s no better time to shake up some old habits with new ones, especially when it comes to food and wine. That is, introducing your palate to more tastes and flavors as part of your New Year’s resolution. Hence a list of some of our current obsessions—all the things we’re…