Wine & Cocktails | November 21, 2019

Remaking the Case for Riesling

“Riesling is one of the most unique wines in the world,” says Root & Flower co-owner and Advanced Sommelier Jeremy Campbell. “It’s a wine of extremes; it really only grows best in the cold climates of the most Northern and Southern parts of the wine growing world where the grape struggles to ripen.” It tends to…

Food | November 6, 2019

Holiday Recipes from Root & Flower Chef Matt Limbaugh

Aside from skiing on Thanksgiving, our favorite holiday tradition—like everyone else’s—is eating. That being said, we’d like to think that we’ve all evolved beyond fruitcakes and anything that resembles a Jell-O mold, but some of us might need some inspiration when it comes to reinvigorating our rolodex of go-to holiday recipes. Lucky for us (and…

Wine & Cocktails | May 30, 2019


There are many things that make an experience at Root & Flower unique. Interestingly these things are less premeditated than just seem to be a natural evolution of the bar experience. One perfect example of this is the Génépy phenomenon. This particular evolution started with a bottle of Génépy on our back bar where I…