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    The world’s oldest bottle of wine dates back to A.D. 325 and was found near the town of Speyer, Germany, inside one of two Roman sarcophaguses.

Mat is known lovingly to the crew as One-T (Mat spelled with one “T”). He is the glue that holds Root and Flower together, both figuratively and literally. If he’s not expertly mixing up one of his latest vacation-inspired cocktails or sipping his way through a fantastic vintage, you can see him repairing what the other bartenders broke that week. 

Mat originally teamed up with Jeremy, Sam, and Chef at the now-shuttered, still revered, Kelly Liken restaurant. Even in those early days, he was always ready to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty. 

When he can escape the bar, Mat takes every chance he can to escape into the backcountry. Whether that’s on his motorbike, skinning on his split board, or hiking a mountain pass only depends on how much snow is out there. And when it’s not clear, you’ll find him surfing on a remote tropical beach